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12 TOW PROFESSIONAL | Volume 4 • Issue 5 | I N D U S T RY NEWS T O W I N G & R E C O V E R Y T O W I N G & R E C O V E R Y TTIRS is a national, online, voluntary, reporting system for the towing industry to report Struck By and Near Miss events involving tow operator safety. A near-miss incident is defined as an unintentional unsafe occurrence involving a tow opera- tor in a traffic incident management area or work zone that could have resulted in an injury, fatality, or property damage. A Struck By incident is any incident where a tow operator or their work vehicle is hit by another vehicle or object within a traf- fic incident management area or work zone resulting in an injury, fatality, or property damage. Use Of TTIRS is free for Tow Companies and Operators to report inci- dents. Membership in TTIRS with access to cumulative data and custom designed reports is open to state and national tow- ing associations at a cost of $200 per year. STA is pleased to announce the Towing and Recovery Association of Ohio as a Charter Member of TTIRS. The goal of TTIRS is to collect and quantify data so member associations can utilize the data to advocate for Move Over enforcement and education and to develop safety protocol and training for the towing industry. Prior to the establishment of TTIRS, a national system for tracking road side Struck-By and Near-Miss incidents involv- ing Tow Operators did not exist. Statewide Towing Association of Massachusetts announces establishment of the Towing Traffic Incident Reporting Systems (TTIRS)

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