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Change in techniques and procedures can happen just as assuredly and naturally as changes in tools sometimes An example of a product that can help towers do a dangerous job more carefully and precisely is B/A Products' Gradual- Release Ratchet. The ratchet reduces ten- sion one gear at a time instead of allow- ing a tightly bound strap to go flying the second it is released. The ratchet can also help you put greater tension on loads when securing them for transport, and it features a double locking mechanism for added safety. Change in techniques and procedures can happen just as assuredly and natural- ly as changes in tools sometimes. If we allow our experiences to improve the tools we use, it makes sense that we would do the same with the methods and procedures we use on the job as well. Thankfully, the towing industry today is attempting more and more to provide training materials for towers that can help them learn from others with experience in the field. Wreckmaster has been a source of information for towers since its incep- tion, and its newly released Recovery Handbook is a 136-page compilation of u p to date towing procedures and tech- niques. The handbook covers topics rang- ing from traffic control, winching, rigging, c ar carrying, recovery engineering meth- ods and more. You can find all of these new products and more at AW Direct. We are commit- ted to offering you as many of the best new innovative products as possible and Volume 4 • Issue 5 | | Tow Professional 31 to being a resource of information about how you can use those products effec- tively. We look forward to working with you in seeking to make the towing indus- t ry better and safer for those within it and for those who need its services. A W Direct 00-243-3194

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