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dealers yelled back, "CANI". W hen the President of Mohawk stood before the dealers to speak, he said, "I guess I need to start by saying, "CANI". T he entire group of carpet dealers from across the USA and Canada yelled back, "CANI". What just happened? Here's my point. A positive affirmation had been cre- ated within the group, and it was going to continue. That particular meeting happened years ago, but I was reminded again of the atmosphere such a phrase creates when I visited Marsh Motors in Jacksonville, Florida. Jim Marsh and I walked through his beautiful place, assessing his success. Every employee greeted Jim with "CANI". Hearing that phrase told me that Jim brought home the CANI attitude story to his team. Delighted to hear "CANI" from the employee, Jim answered him with "CANI". Hearing both men repeat that phrase made my day, too. The underlying m essage as we walked Jim Marsh's deal- ership is that Jim and his people work as a team. They're always constant and hav- i ng never-ending improvement to the business. Marsh Motors isn't the only company doing this. Interactive Financial Marketing Group in Richmond, Virginia is doing this too. Their Christmas party had a toast for the New Year. With glasses held high, the team at IFMG yelled, "CANI". Folks, we have a new opportunity this year to make some adjustments. With all the changes in business and things hap- pening in this world, all of us could use more "CANI" Spirit. I have a favor to ask of you. When you see me at the next Florida Tow Show, the Tennessee Tow Show, and the Ohio Tow Show or up in Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Tow Show, greet me with "CANI". I will return the greeting with "CANI". We'll be echoing our Constant And Never-ending Improvement during our time spent together. If you like this article, pass it out to your team and create a cohesive CANI Spirit at your place. So for now, "CANI" and thanks for reading my column. Volume 4 • Issue 9 | | Tow Professional 17

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