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u nknown causes people not to take chances and to stay in situations where they're not very happy. As soon as people t hink about change they start playing the "what if?" game. • What if I make a mistake? • What if it's worse than what I have now? • What if I fail? Here are a few reasons for the fear to change: Fear of Failure The fear of failure is common. People feel that they will fail, waste time, and accomplish nothing. People fear failure because they are prideful. They're scared to commit to something they could fail, so they don't try. This fear is unfortunate because it's irrational, yet easy to suc- cumb to. Fear of Pain, Discomfort, and Effort It's rational to fear pain and discom- f ort. It's reasonable to avoid effort. However, all these things prevent you from changing. They prevent you from running, from eating healthy, from start- ing your own business. I group these things together because they all are basi- cally the same. When you tackle one, all of them are tackled. This is perhaps the hardest fear to overcome, but the most worthwhile. Fear of Success Seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it? How could someone be afraid of success? Simple: success comes with baggage. People pay more attention to you. You feel pressure most importantly, you will be different. Better probably, but differ- ent, and that can be scary. It's a real fear that many people face, and it can be debilitating. Fear of Criticism This is an interesting phenomenon Volume 4 • Issue 9 | | Tow Professional 19

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