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that I've witnessed. People who put in the e ffort and have the skill to make, for example, a varsity sports team but ride the bench get laughed at while those that d on't try-out get away scot-free. It's unfor- tunate, but some people will laugh at you. You're fat, why are you running? You're giving away many of your possessions? What a crazy hippie. People are so afraid of what others think that they'd rather not try. They would rather sit in the stands than risk sitting on the varsity bench. This fear of criticism by others is a real fear, and must be overcome before you can change. Fear of the New People are afraid of anything that's new or different. It's an incredibly debili- tating and painful fear. Instead of using the opportunity of life to live well, people put themselves in a cage and live a stag- nant, mediocre life. It sounds horrible, but u nderstands that this fear – like any other – can be overcome. How to overcome your fears F ear is all mental, and to overcome it you need to look inside yourself. You need to acknowledge you're fears and dedicate yourself to tackling them one by one. Yes, it can be hard, but it's well worth it. I used to suffer from all of these fears, but by putting one foot in front of the other, I overcame them. Start slowly. Celebrate every small victory. Eventually you will stand above your fears, and start living a better life. In 2015 enterprises will be looking to develop new, native applications that take true advantage of the mobile device form factor and unique mobile features to create streamlined business processes. My company is working on a phone app that will have a major impact on the industry. The fear of the unknown is what s tops most people from ever making posi- tive changes in their lives, but in order to be successful in 2016 change will be nec- e ssary. I was at the tow show in Chattanooga Tennessee in September and I was displaying a new phone app. An owner of a tow company came up to me and accused me of selling out the industry for technology. He ran a success- ful business and did not want to see change take place. As I registered tow companies to sign up for our new app I noticed a trend. The small tow company was all over what I was offering, while the successful companies I talked wanted things to stay the way they are today. For the 90% of the companies that are struggling to succeed, remember, if a cute fuzzy creature called an idea comes knocking at your door, overcome that fear and let it in it could change your future. 20 Tow Professional | Volume 4 • Issue 9 | I igh ful alk

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