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The Gaither Tool Co. Bead Bazooka, Nos. BB6L and BB9L, helps technicians seat tire beads easily due to its modest weight and easy handling. The No. BB6L works on most common tires and rims while the No. BB9L has been especially designed for use with larger, more stub- born truck tires, as well as some OTR and AG tires. The No. BB9L provides 100 percent more energy at release by adding 50 per- cent (3L) more volume over the No. BB6L. The bead seaters' grips have a texture for better handling in shop conditions and a more ergonomic feel. They weigh 12.25 lbs (No. BB6L) and 15 lbs (No. BB9L) respectively, offering the user easy han- dling and operation. Tool tips • The technician fills the Bead Bazooka's tank with shop air. • Usually truck tires with very wide rims require bead seaters, though any tire with wide rims and a floppy side wall can be close to impossible to fill with air. The only way to do 24 Tow Professional | Volume 4 • Issue 9 | This year's list spans an impressive amount of cate- gories, including towing software, GPS, damaged vehicle movement systems, synthetics, tools, lights, and many others. This issue should be your company's wish list going into the new year, as you continue to evaluate and select products to help you operate your towing facility more effectively and efficiently. In every issue through the year, every single product or service we cover in the magazine is there because we think it's something that you will find useful, so we're excited about each and every one in all of our issues. Our sole mission is to help you make purchasing decisions, so we're all about products, all the time. This list reflects the "best of the best." It is a great time to be an owner of a towing or repos- session company, because the market is overflowing with options for great products and services for your facility. Here are some of the products and services that stood out to us this year. At every years end we give you our roundup of the hottest products and services that came across our desks from manufacturers, dealers, and service providers in the towing market. Gaither Tool Co. these tires without a bead seater is to put lighter fluid inside the tire and light it on fire, making a quick burst of flame that seats the bead on the rim. This method is unsafe, a busi- ness liability and can damage expen- sive tires. • Even though the tool's trigger makes the tool easier to handle with one hand, it can easily be handled with two hands to keep the bead seater straight during operation. Features and Benefits • The bead seaters are lightweight, weighing 12.25 lbs and 15 lbs, respectively. • The tool's "slotted" double barrel directs the air for best overall lift. • Fully ASME, CE, CRN and TUV certified. • The automatic rapid air release sys- tem makes it the most powerful bead-seating device in the market, according to the company, yet its tank size is smaller, which improves the handling of the tool.

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