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F or over 42 years, the unique dolly innovations of Collins Manufacturing Corp. are quite numerous. Besides being t he first to invent an articulating dolly that actually lifted a car off the ground, with- out the aid of jacks, in 1972, thereby changing the towing industry worldwide, Collins was also first to introduce: • 1977: Safety Ratchets; • 1986: Safety Locks; • 1995: Aluminum Axles • 2000: Greaseable Hubs • 2006: Aluminum Greaseable Hubs • 2006: Replaceable Components • 2006: Lightest-Weight Dolly • 2007: Aluminum 8" Wheels • 2009: Two-Toned Zinc Plating • 2010: Square Aluminum Pry Bar • 2011: Tow Cradles • 2012: Aluminum Carrier Dolly System Collins offers the heaviest-duty dollies, the vehicle. With the tow bar inverted and fitted to either of the carrier dollies, it now becomes a motorcycle dolly for winching up the carrier, as well. For vehicles without wheels, the Tow Cradle works perfect with the carrier dol- lies. Rolling the vehicle up the bed is a far superior system vs. dragging it up and then back down the bed, damaging both bed and vehicle. With four decades of hindsight and several patents awarded, Collins is the undisputed leader in dynamic dolly design. 3 Tow Professional | Volume 4 • Issue 9 | Collins "Dream Dolly!" ECM Performance AmeriDeck ECM Performance pro- vides Engine Control Module (ECM) program- ming and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Deletion Tuning. In real world work appli- cations, repeated short drive times at less than highway speeds are very common. Also, trucks are increasingly used as machines requiring long idle and extended use in PTO (Power Take Off) Mode. Both scenarios prevent a truck from properly going into its regen cycle which is supposed to clean the DPF filter. This is where the trouble begins. A clogged DPF filter can result in diesel soot backing up into the engine, causing dam- age to the VGT actuator, turbo, fuel injectors and EGR sole- noid. Also, the unburned fuel injected into the exhaust system, as part of the regen cycle, can go into the crankcase contami- nating the engine oil.Customers unbolt the ECM from the engine block, unplug the harness connections and ship it to ECM Performance. For most applications, the original engine data is immediately read from the ECM and backed up three ways for the customer's protection. The AmeriDeck Loading System will lift up to 2,500 lbs. and can haul up to two full dressed motorcycles, a Can Am, or a trike on a full-size pickup truck. With push-button operation and the ability to load at ground level, the AmeriDeck system is making it easier than ever for one person to load and unload their motorcycles. r ated at 4,280 lb static-load capacity. Between their tried and proven Hi- Speed Dollies for the highway and their n ew patent-pending Carrier Dolly System, all dolly-towing bases are now covered. Collins' latest innovation, the alu- minum Carrier Dolly System, is quite sim- ple where it solves all the problems of Carrier loading; all-wheel drive vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles, whose wheels are locked by the transmis- sions and won't roll, are now easily moved with the carrier dolly system. The dolly lifts the vehicle and the aluminum tow bar hooks to the dollies. The winch cable is then hooked to the tow bar, not the vehicle, and pulls the dollies up the flatbed. The vehicle simply rides the carri- er dollies. This is especially handy when there is no place to hook onto various vehicles -- in fact, nothing ever touches 1976: SL 2006: SLX 2016: SLZ

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