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T OPS towing manage- ment software is designed to manage all aspects of a t ow operation from the ini- tial tow request to the vehi- cle's final disposition. The TOPS system provides a unified and sophisticated platform for call-taking, dispatching, inventory management, lien processing, and auction administration. Used by the most successful tow- ing operations nationwide, TOPS supports single and multi-com- pany operations, and provides individual company and roll-up accounting and management reports. TOPS protects your interests by offering process, screen and field level security via user access roles. These access roles keep employees focused on their specific tasks, limiting their vis- ibility into systems outside of their area of responsibility. TOPS allows you to gain a better understanding of the big picture of your business with detailed management, customer activity, and driver and truck productivity reports. TOPS sup- ports mobile tools for driver updates and for inventory manage- ment. TOPS integrates with GPS, motor club, police and munici- pality systems, and imports directly to QuickBooks. TOPS Motor Club is now available and integrates with many clubs. "Without doubt, technology is chang- ing our industry; whether you are operat- ing server or cloud-based management software, or maybe clinging to pen and paper, change is inevitable. The pressure to embrace this technological change resembles an unstoppable freight train thundering through your town, through your business. "As a business owner, you have a choice, jump on, or be left behind."This cruel reality applies to all aspects of our industry; including how efficiently we operate our trucks, and the software we use to maintain a competi- tive edge. In addition, we need to be aware of a move by Washington to enforce changes on how we compensate our employees, and the profit robbing threat of out-sourced third party dispatch- ing, beginning to invade the non-consent police, and consent motor club tow mar- ket. No one, company has the resources to be all things to all people; the answer is to collaborate with others whose value- add features and services enhance your company's offering. VTS Systems collabo- rates with other industry leaders to bring you better and more cost effective prod- ucts and services. Requests for new soft- ware features are never-ending; however, as with your business, money and resources are not bottomless, and it is important that basic towing software be affordable. By offering expansion options and collaborating with other companies to provide integrated value-add services VTS Systems offers a cost-effective solu- tion by providing you with more features as your company grows. Beginning 2016 VTS Systems will offer professional on- line computer tech-support for towing and VSF companies via VTS Computing Solutions. 46 Tow Professional | Volume 4 • Issue 9 | VTS Systems TOPS B udgetGPS is a vehicle and fleet tracking solution geared for any industry but s pecifically tuned to support fleet management within the towing industry and trusted by many tow operators nationwide. BudgetGPS offers a month-to- month service (No Contracts) with low upfront and monthly cost. BudgetGPS delivers a full set of features for a single low price. Features include: Live Map with 20-second vehicle updates to the map with live Google traffic and map or satellite views, Historical breadcrumb view with 6 months of history; Alerts and Monitoring for PTO, GeoFence, Ignition, and Speeding; Reports including, Driver Distance, State Mileage, Stops, Speeding and more. BudgetGPS integrates with TOPS to offer a true visual dis- patching tool where users are able to view vehicle locations as well as call location/destination information on the same map. (TOPS not required) BudgetGPS uses industry leading hardware which is mount- ed discreetly inside the cab of the vehicle. We offer several mod- els of hardware including OBD pluggable devices (for vehicles equipped with an OBD II port) as well as asset tracking devices. BudgetGPS

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