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With everything going on in this world, now is the perfect time to share this story. There was a big bully from down the street who was always bothering a partic- ular little boy. The little boy was trying to build his nerve to stand up to the big bully, but he was still too afraid. One day, the little boy's father bought him a new telescope. The boy was out in the front yard playing with it, but the father noticed that his son was looking through the wrong end of the telescope. He was looking through the big side. For a teachable moment, the father went outside to show his son the proper use of the telescope. "NO, Son! You're doing it backward. Turn it around, and it will make everything bigger like it was meant to do." The little boy said, "I know that Dad, but right now I'm looking at this bully. When I look at him this way it makes him so small that I'm not afraid of him anymore." What a smart kid! If the son kept watching the bully through the large lens, then he might have continued to be afraid of the bully. No doubt there are bullies in this world that cause problems. Additionally, there are sit- uations that arise in our business that will seem too big to handle. How we handle those problems depends on the way we look at them. As professional towers, sometimes when we're out there doing our job, the call may seem too great to fix. We rush to an accident to find an almost impossible task of removing entangled cars from the road and embankment. It might be an impossible and dangerous recovery. However, just as you've been trained and educated to do, you access and spring into action after spending some construc- Fu l hough B y D . J . H a r r i n g t o n , C S P 16 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 |

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