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tive time strategizing the appropriate a ction needed to clear the road or save lives. Day-after-day, you continue doing this job because you want to help. H ow do we continue doing the job when it's easier to give in? It's a matter of perspective. Sometimes we have to change our perspective of the situation. At those particular times, you may need to turn your telescope around and see the tow job as a small one using your small baby steps. Don't magnify the negatives of the job too long. Turn the telescope around. You will see from the right per- spective how to get it done. You'll do the job with less fear of failure because you're looking at the problem through a different lens. Having the right perspective is incredi- bly important because it sets the tone of the outcome. The "right perspective" goes back to Dr. Wayne Dwyer's saying, "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change." Please start planning to come to beau- tiful sunny Florida for the Florida Tow Show. I hope you will come by the Car- booth and let us talk about some of the salvage cars at your lot that Car-Part's 4,200 yards could use. They are paying more money than crushing them. Also when you are there, if you have a service bay or do any repair work, you qualify for Car-Part Pro. Just see me or one of the team members from Car- Part and we will sign you up for FREE. See you at the show, "CANI" – "Constant And Never-Ending Improvement." Volume 5 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 17 The Tow Doctor

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