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Driver GPS tracking allows dispatchers t o monitor the progress of active calls. Drivers will mark themselves Enroute, Arrived, Hooked, Arrive Destination and Finish. The dispatch screen is immediate- ly updated with their current status. S ome systems even update ETA from the field based on current condition such as traffic. Any data fields or pictures input b y driver is also immediately available to dispatch. Never before has a dispatcher had such a complete fleet picture. This allows them to easily choose the closest truck to an incident to insure the best ETA. Many systems even automatically recommend the best truck based on required truck type and distance to call. Some even can choose most fuel efficient route and/or look at the location of a truck that is almost finished with call. So if the drop location is near the incident, it will recommend that truck instead of a truck that may not be working on a call. When a dispatcher does have to input a call there are many software features that make that job much easier and less error prone. For example, when the cus- tomer is selected the screen adjusts to prompt user for only the information needed for that customer. The system will also automatically select the correct price list for that customer. The VIN will be decoded and verified. Address verifi- cation is available to verify the customer program, so it is just a matter of touching t he driver icon to assign the call. The call is immediately sent to the driver app on the driver's smartphone or GPS unit. He simply confirms he has received the call and is in route. The driver updates are i nstantly sent to the mobile dispatcher showing the updated status. Pictures taken by the driver in the field are also i nstantly available on the mobile dispatch application. So on weekends a dispatcher is no longer tied to the computer. They can go about their normal activities and still dispatch calls as they come in. Cloud Desktop Web Application Gone is the day of picking up the phone and typing in a call from motor clubs, dealerships, Insurance Companies, Auction companies, etc. Today calls are either electronically sent to a provider via Digital Dispatch (popups on the screen) or faxes/emails are automatically con- verted to a digital call. This allows a serv- ice provider to have less phone lines and less people to answer phones. It also eliminates human errors, because the call contains the exact information from the customer. Most towing software today provide a link that can be put on your website to allow dealerships, body shops, apartment complexes, etc. to electronical- ly send a call, view status of a call, or view pictures taken on-scene. Volume 5 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 27

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