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new request is sent to your company, the call request appears on your computer and on your mobile phones along with an a udible alert. You simply open the request to review the call details, enter an ETA and select Accept (or Reject) - no p hone call is required. You can request a phone call if you need additional informa- tion. Towbook has digital integration with all the major motor clubs and your com- pany can be activated quickly. For accounts that must call you on the phone, or if they must send calls by email, Towbook can process most emails and create the call automatically. Clearly, the telephone isn't going any- where and phones still play a critical part in how we operate. But, the idea that a huge number of your calls can be done without the need for phone calls means your team can spend a lot more time doing more productive things than writ- ing down information. Dispatching Calls After you receive a call, it's critical that the correct mileage, rates and other c harges are added to the call. Towbook makes it simple; the system will calculate your recommended loaded and unloaded m ileage automatically. The system even shows dispatchers the best route for your drivers. Most charges can also be added to your calls automatically, so dispatchers don't have to manually add everything. It's also important to know which driv- er to assign the call. Towbook displays the current distance of each driver from the call being dispatched. This helps reduce wasted miles on your equipment and creates the ability to do more jobs. This means your dispatchers will spend more time reviewing data, making sure call information is accurate and assigning calls to the best possible driver. Mobile Apps for Drivers Rather than getting all the call info from a text message, or instead of using s everal different applications, your drivers can use one simple mobile app to work their calls. T he Towbook mobile apps allow driv- ers to update call status easily, so nobody at the office has to record that informa- tion. Drivers can use the mobile app to navigate to the service location and once they're on scene they can take photos that get added to the call automatically. These photos are available in the call record back at the office in just a few sec- onds. Drivers can use the plate to VIN fea- ture which automatically pulls in the full VIN plus the make, model and year of a vehicle. Drivers can also get a signature from the customer on the phone and email or text a receipt. After drivers complete the call they can quickly move to the next call on their list. 34 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 | C o l l i n s D o l l i e s 5 4 1 - 7 7 4 - 9 2 2 0 c o l l i n s d o l l i e s . c o m

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