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3 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 | Silent dispatching. You've heard oth- ers talking about it. It's piqued your inter- est. But with so many options, you're not quite sure where to start. Our recommen- dation, with the best, TrackerMobile – an Android or iOS app that works on your smart phone or tablet. But first, what is silent dispatching and can it really be achieved? Silent dispatch- ing is the use of electronics and technolo- gy to process a call. More specifically, from the time the call comes in, dispatch can create a ticket, assign to a driver, offer location and time updates and clear the call all without having to once phone the driver. For many this may seem like a big step, completely removing vocal com- munication from the dispatch process. Believe it or not, many companies after integrating with TrackerMobile tell us, "we don't know how we did it before." Since the 70's ushered in the popular Citizen's Band (CB) radio, dispatching remained largely unchanged for decades. Dispatch would take the call, then head to the open airways looking for a driver. As markets became more competitive and technology advanced, the CB found itself less useful as a dispatching medium. Two way radios and cell phones quickly took the place of the CB and have been the primary means of dispatching calls since. Be that as it may, many companies still find themselves frustrated and lack- ing in their dispatch process. I remember a phone conversation with a TrackerMobile customer. When asked to describe their dispatching process before TrackerMobile, one word came to his mind, "chaotic." Using two way radios, hand written tickets and text messages just wasn't working. Let's take a moment to imagine an office that isn't chaotic. What would an office be like where all of the driver's calls and status updates are sent electronically? By John David Matthews

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