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Challenges - Whether it is loading a broken down vehicle on a snow packed and ice encrusted highway at -20°F, or crawling under a wrecked vehicle in the West Texas desert, or on a dusty and grit blown gravel road trying to avoid the pesky fire ants at 110°F, every tow pro- fessional faces challenges. Challenges exist not just with your outside employ- ees and their equipment, but also for those who interface directly with the cus- tomer, on the phone, in the office, and behind-the-scenes managing the informa- tion process, and more importantly, your profitability and your money. As a compa- ny, the quality VTS Systems software speaks volumes about enhanced perform- ance and cost saving, but it is important to review the basics that affect every tow company. What should you look for when hiring - In a former life I worked as a product manager for a Fortune 100 company. For almost 20 years, part of my goal to earn more money and achieve upward mobility was ongoing training. Probably the most important lesson was how to hire and keep employees. Senior man- agement frequently reminded me "that a company is only as good as the people it employs" and when hiring, it is important to select people that are better and brighter than yourself. Hiring people that are competent and promotable is vital to the long-term success of any business. Under performers are not always easy to spot, however, violations of company pol- icy should be written up and entered into a personnel file, along with annual per- formance reviews. Small company's often find it difficult to find time for annu- al performance reviews. However, they 4 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 | By Nigel Pestel - VTS Systems Software Strategies for Attracting and Keeping the Best Employees

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