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are important in affirming positive per- formance and "Atta-boys" in addition to keeping records of those who violate c ompany policy. These records are espe- cially important when a former employee complains to the Federal Department of L abor or other governmental entities and they come calling. Maintaining a great work environment does not need to cost huge amounts of money, usually a kind word and appreciation for a job well done is all that is required. It is easier for managers to lose sight of an underper- forming employee in larger companies than it is in a smaller businesses. However, the solution remains the same, as an owner or a manager you are responsible for selecting and "yes" keep- ing good employees, and as for those who are unable or unwilling to perform, let them go work somewhere else. The importance of Training - Tow shows, trade magazines and state associ- ations promote driver training and certifi- cation courses designed to improve the knowledge and efficiency of tow truck drivers and operators. However, there is less visibility and opportunity when it c omes to training VSF and office person- nel, who with little or no professional training, are often expected to step t hrough a minefield when dealing with difficult customer situations and under- standing confusing state legislation and regulatory rules. VTS Systems has the knowledge and experience to assist you in developing in-house VSF and office processes and training programs. Most towing and VSF companies throughout the United States and Canada are family-owned or privately held corporations, where frequently the principal owner or partner sets the stan- dards and is responsible for the public image of his or her company. It is often said, "Perception Is Reality." If people in your community in which your business earns its revenue perceive your company as honorable, fair, and trustworthy, they are more likely to use your services. Creating and maintaining company image, goals, and standards must be an owner or manager's primary function, for w ithout these goals and standards, the business will not reach its full potential and may ultimately fail. A cquiring New Skills - "Most of the tow company guys I know speak truck", many live, breathe, eat, and sleep, if not dream of tow trucks. However, some openly admit that when it comes to PCs, Servers, Switches, Routers and Software it is a world that few have the skill set necessary to claim competence. Frankly, that is okay, for few of us can be all things to all people. Fact, the business world is becoming more and more dependent on automated electronic procedures and nothing is more important than updating the tow and VSF office to take advantage of these cost saving changes. VTS Systems and its sister organization VTS Computing Solutions, can provide you with effective cost saving software and ongoing network support. Obtaining a Volume 5 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 49 TOW SOFTWARE

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