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better understanding of computers and office automation is a challenge, but with a little Google time you will find it's avail- a ble at your local community college. Most community colleges offer "how-to" computer and software courses for adults a nd seniors. "Yes, you can teach old dog new tricks." Many of these adult courses are designed to ease non-computer skilled adults into the world of computers and office automation. Investing one night a week will quickly give you those skills, not to mention the chance to meet and evaluate potential future employees. Of course, there are companies like VTS Systems and VTS Computing Solutions that focus on the towing and storage lot industry, which provide these all-impor- tant support services. VTS Systems (Vehicle Tracking and Storage) is a 20-year-old Texas-based company that develops software solu- tions for the towing and VSF industry. We are more than just a software company, our goal is to provide total industry sup- port, whether that involves "how to" man- agement procedures, business processes, computer network design, maintenance or the installation, commissioning, and personnel training of VTS Software. W hether you are a second or third gener- ation towing company or new to the busi- ness and require professional help in d efining and reaching your goals, VTS Systems is a company that can provide solutions. We believe in "Relationships built on trust, one client at a time". Inevitable Change... - Whereas most tow industry software applications will be cloud-based within five years, it does not mean that today's cloud-based/cloud computing technology is right for your business. That community college course will provide you with the skill set needed to evaluate your company's needs. Moreover, the speed of technological change and innovation suggests that within five years software companies will introduce two or three iterations of next- generation cloud computing technology. Occasionally, I receive a call from a prospective client that wants to own his or her software, paying a one-time fee for its installation. In my opinion, this is a poor choice and frequently a bad busi- ness decision given the rapidly changing software technology. Cash flow is what k eeps companies operating. With no ongoing monthly revenue, the few soft- ware developers who pursue this busi- n ess model have little or no money to pro- vide support or invest in upgrades. Just like buying a new truck, the moment the cheque clears the bank, the truck and the software are obsolete. For almost 20 years, VTS Systems has lead PC/server-based software technolo- gy. However, just as spring follows win- ter, change is inevitable and VTS Systems continues to innovate and add user- friendly features for its PC based cus- tomers. In addition, and to keep pace with trends, VTS Systems has introduced VTS Cloud, a next generation cloud computing based application, "designed to work the way you do". Unlike many of our competi- tors, whose cloud computing based offer- ing is one size fits all; VTS Cloud offers selective options and emphasizes "Do Not License What You Do Not Need." This philosophy allows smaller companies to begin with an affordable "low cost" soft- ware package and add options as their business needs grow. Why support both technologies? - From a developers perspective a cloud- based solution is much less expensive to maintain. With cloud computing the developer maintains just one platform, on a single network. With a PC/server appli- cation the developer is required to sup- port hundreds and hundreds of individual systems. However, the needs and wishes of each individual customer are para- mount and must be served. Depending on the size and maturity of your company a server-based solution may fit your needs better than a cloud computing/web based application. There are multiple preferences to consider: Do you feel comfortable having your business data stored in a remote co-loca- tion warehouse on a network server, over which you have zero control and could be located anywhere in the world? Alternatively, would you be more com- 50 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 | VTS: Vehicle Tracking and Storage

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