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52 Tow Professional | Volume 5 • Issue 1 | Fleet maintenance is crucial in keeping your vehicles in optimal condition, which in turn, keeps your business running smoothly. There was a time when white- boards and printed out inspection sheets did the job. They may still do the job, but how efficient are they? Can they give you a year's worth of historical maintenance cost and summary details with the ability to sort by date, by type of service, or by service provider? Can they alert you when a driver has had an accident, or tell you immediately if a driver has reported an issue? It may seem like a difficult task to change the way things have been done in your company for as many years as you can remember, but the fact is that it isn't difficult at all. If you invest just a small amount of time to get your data input, you will wonder why you haven't done this so much sooner. sureFeet Preventative Maintenance Let's talk about setting up a plan for pre- ventative maintenance. To stay ahead of the game it is critical to maintain a pre- ventative maintenance plan, rather than be reactive. You decide what services each vehicle needs and at what interval. You also decide at what point you want to be notified of the upcoming service. It's that easy. You can even apply this to a whole fleet or to a specific vehicle class or type. You can decide if the service is to be tracked my mileage, days, gallons of fuel, engine hours or PTO hours. After doing these simple steps, you will start to receive alerts to notify you when services are due. No more reacting to issues, it's time to get ahead of the game. When a vehicle is down for unexpected mainte- nance it is not earning money. Being able to predict fleet needs and costs will reduce downtime. Being able to track costs, capture data and be proactive is of the utmost importance to saving your company money. This is a huge step in improving your maintenance operations and costs. sureFleet Daily Inspections We know how important your daily inspections are. Drivers are key in report- ing issues with a vehicle before it can get out of control and costly. Answering By Jeff Holland - sureFleet

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