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NOT to wear those negative labels his entire life? Negative labels such as, TOO big, TOO slow, and TOO clumsy. He decided to remove those labels. You may have guessed it already. That young man was Shaquille O'Neal who eventually attended LSU and played col- l ege basketball for Coach Brown. Shaquille broke all the records and became one of the greatest basketball players who has ever played the game. At the entrance to the LSU basketball facility stands a bronze statue of Shaquille, the former clumsy kid who could barely jump, dunking the basket- ball. I wonder where he would be now if he had listened to the negative labels from others. If he had listened to the neg- ative labels from his first coach, he would- n't have become one of the greatest to play the game and wouldn't have spent 19 years playing in the NBA. Every time you see Shaquille's Icy-Hot commercials on TV, remember what he endured. Has somebody told you that you can't accomplish your dreams? As my neighbor told me years ago, I also had school teachers tell me because of my speech impediment that I would be lucky to finish high school. Trying to be a help, t he consensus was to send me to a trade school in another state. According to them the less I spoke in public, the better off I would be. You may feel like Shaquille today. Maybe you've been cut from the team. Experts might have told you that you can't do what you don't have. Here's what I've learned. The experts can be wrong! Experts built the Titanic and it still sank. Amateurs built the Ark, and it float- ed - even with all the animals on board. The trick is don't let people put a label on you. In this New Year, people can call you "slow", "lazy", or for me now - "too old" or "all washed-up". That's alright. I just don't answer to that. I answer to "talent- ed", "good speaker" or "History Maker". Remember the bondage from the past is no longer going to have any effect on you. Make this one, your best year ever. Thanks for reading my column if you like it, make a copy and pass it around. u Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 19

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