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I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to do but to exercise and figure out what I am having for supper. Then the phone rings, and I begin to get busy. As I am working, I get another phone call that loads more work into my day. Then my wife gives me a few things to do. All of the sudden, I am stressing to get every- thing completed. Everything had a dead- line so I need to find the time to complete everything. This is where time manage- ment comes into play. When I first took over my company, I knew nothing about towing. I wasn't even sure what a private property tow was and where the tows came from. I had twenty-five employees that I had to meet and figure out what they did for the company. This does not include taking over accounting, sales, and all the employee problems that came with the company. There were not enough hours in the day. This is where I applied my ning while we implemented all the changes needed to grow our business. The next thing we addressed was the customer base. We identified who were the best customers and what customers were costing us money. I gave my bad customers to my competitor. As I men- tioned early, this stuff does not happen overnight; but once you take the time to address the issues, your company will become more productive. Here are a few time management tips for your workplace to improve your opera- tion: 1. Prioritize Using time management in the work- place allows you to prioritize all projects and daily tasks. Identify what is important and what is not, what has an impact on the business and what does not, and what makes me money and what does not. When you answer these questions, it I igh ful alk B y D a n M e s s i n a 20 Tow Professional | Volume 6 • Issue 1 | time management skills that I have learned over the years working in the computer industry. My wife and I laid out what we wanted our company to look like and identified how many tows we need- ed a month to pay our bills. Then we addressed the employee issue first because they are the most important part of my company: I let the bad ones go and hired some new people to take their place. We identified each employee and what functions they would perform with- in the company. Then we trained them to do their job the way I wanted them to do it. One of the biggest obstacles for peo- ple to overcome is change. This is not easy for most and not something that can be done overnight. We had to allow train- ing time for each employee, but we knew that once we trained them, running the company would be easy. This took time, and we still had to keep the company run-

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