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MAGNETIC AXLE STRAPS SAVE TIME AND GET YOU OFF THE ROAD FASTER Y SIMON IRCH, AW DIRECT TECHNICAL PRODUCT MANAGER Many operators are now using axle straps around rear axles and other solid lower suspen- sion systems to secure a casualty to their flatbed. This technique allows the vehicle's suspen- s ion to work, resulting in a smoother, less jarring ride. One of the drawbacks to traditional axle straps is that it seems like you need three hands to attach them¬–two to hold the ends together and one to connect the snap hook. To overcome this problem, AW Direct has developed the industry's first-ever magnet- ic axle strap. By placing two high-powered magnets on each eye, hooking up just become easier, quicker and consequently much safer. Simply pass the strap over the axle or suspension component and snap the ends together. This leaves you with both hands free to secure a snap hook. This speedier hookup gets you off the side of the road faster and reduces your exposure to danger from distracted drivers. The Lasso Strap Another popular method to secure a vehicle is called the "sports car tie-down" or "lasso strap." This method uses a lasso-style, 12'L strap with a single ring on one end, which is passed through the rim of a vehicle, and then back through itself and tightened using a ratchet assembly. While it's simple and quick, keeping the strap tight can be difficult due to the angle of the strap and making sure it adequately chokes the wheel assembly. On some vehicles, going through the rim is the best and quickest way to tie it down so the operator can get off the side of the road faster. If a lasso strap isn't ideal, consider using an axle strap. A 36"L axle strap will easily pass through even the widest of rims, and if you use the magnetic version, snapping the rings together to enable a one-handed hook up will speed up your job even more.

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