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I am not sure is has anything to do with somebody getting hurt, but it sure does have something to do with some- body being safe and going home with all of their body parts. In this issue we are going to talk about what happens in a company that allows an employee to get hurt. For one thing the company ensures people are allowed to get hurt on the job when the company chooses to not lead by exam- ple. During the last 40 plus years that I have been dealing with Compliance pro- grams evolving from the formation of OSHA, a strong Corporate Culture that includes Safety is core to keeping our people safe. This Safety Culture is always on an equal platform with Profits, Speed, Quality, Productivity and all of those other important metrics that we run our businesses by. I know that many of you might have no idea who this guy is that is writing and saying that it is us, the owners and man- agers that knowingly allow our people to get hurt. It is us who must set the stan- dard of what we will accept for safe behavior in our companies. This is the foundation of a Safety Culture. Without this Culture, it is not possible to experi- ence Safe Behavior on the part of our employees. And the start of that Culture is the example we set in our own compa- nies. Over the months to come, I will be writing about some of the tools and skill sets and training materials that are found in a good Safety Program. But all of this training and buying safety glasses or gloves is for naught if we do not lead. We first have to "Lead". My friend DJ Harrington and I visit on almost a daily basis on how we can help the leaders of our companies to lead. We all know where we can get our hands on some of the best training programs available (give me a call if you don't). We all know where we can get the best written pro- grams that drive a good Safety Program. We all know many places where we can buy the best possible equipment and the best high visibility apparel, or the best 2 Tow Professional | Volume 6 • Issue 1 | By Michael James

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