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battery packs for both light- and heavy- duty wireless tow lights in 2016, this problem has now been solved. These bat- tery packs offer greater run times than previously thought possible, with the light-duty batteries operating the tow lights for over 24 hours on a single charge and the heavy-duty batteries pro- viding over 60 hours of use on a single c harge. They are able to simply snap in and out of the receptacle on the light, much like a cordless drill, allowing a user to purchase a secondary battery to keep on charge and continually cycle them out if they like. Best of all, the life expectancy on a Lithium Polymer battery can be upwards of 10 years. This means that at about a $100-130 upgrade cost, they will pay for themselves within a matter of 2-4 years simply as a result of not having to replace them every 1-2 years as you w ould a conventional Lead-acid battery. This doesn't even take into account the time saved from having to drag out the old wired tow lights if you forgot to charge your wireless unit. In the same survey, respondents were asked many of the same questions as they pertain to warning lighting: What are the main factors they consider when pur- chasing these types of lighting systems? What appealed to them the most about the Power-Link line of 2-wire-install warn- i ng light systems? Being a testament to just how much service and accountability on behalf of the manufacturer matters, Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 35

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