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T owing and recovery operators face an endless variety of challenges. Every call has a different set of variables that make it a different scenario from the one before. Many are related to the environment in which the operation is taking place: Weather conditions from rain, to snow, to wind or any combina- tion can adversely affect your best plans for a successful recovery. Terrain such as hills, ditches, trees, structures, and the like provide additional obstacles. On top of all of this, the dark of night can make the most routine recovery job extremely dangerous. Light the Night There are numerous stories of recov- ery operations that begin when there is plenty of daylight, but then drag on deep into the night. As sunlight fades and the tow operator begins to rely on man-made light sources, it quickly becomes apparent that the job is more difficult. Lights affixed to the wrecker or b oom are limited in the direction they can be aimed and the amount of light they can generate, leaving much of the scene dimly lit-if lit at all. A dark recov- ery site can force you to work more slowly in order to remain safe. Dim lighting might also compel you to work in dangerous spaces just so you can see what is going on. Sure, the local fire department might be on the scene and could provide additional lighting, but what if they are called away? What if they do not have the right type of scene lighting? What if the fire department can't stay on-site for an extended recov- ery operation? Latta Null of Null's Towing / NRC Sales and Service of Pennsylvania states, "the local fire department might be able to supply light, but you cannot count on them for the duration of the job. We have found that our Night Scan HDT light tower on our NRC Rotator provides more light than the fire department can offer." The bottom line is that the tow operator Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 39

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