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needs their own scene lighting to remain safe, efficient, and even make more money. Not All Scene Lighting is Created Equal The introduction of LED lighting into the towing industry has been one of the most important advancements in safety and value in recent history. LED lights consume much less power than comparable halogen lights, and thanks to advanced optics, they can generate just as much or more usable light. This means you can have more lights on your truck and operate them from the alternator with no need for a generator. 40 Tow Professional | Volume 6 • Issue 1 | The benefits that LED lights bring to the table are made possible by the tech- nology that goes into the light. A circuit board manages the power that reaches the light emitting diodes (LED). A proper- ly designed system with quality LEDs can last for years. Some are rated at 50,000 hours use. However, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" often applies when it comes to LED lights. Some manufactur- ers will overdrive the LEDs which create additional heat and can shorten their lives s ignificantly. Also, make sure the lights are water-proof rated to at least IP67. A rating of IP69k is preferable because the light can withstand high-pressure spray which will help to maintain the light quali- ty and extend its life. Lastly, seeing is believing. Lumens, LUX and Candle Power ratings only tell part of the story. The lens optics that project and disperse the light have a sig- nificant impact on how well the scene is lit. Request a night time demonstration to see just how much coverage the lights provide. Is the coverage large enough and is the light bright enough so that you

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