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can work safely and efficiently in most recoveries? Can the lights be positioned so you can see in a ditch or down an embankment? Can the lights be posi- tioned independently from your truck so that you can get the right amount of light in the target area? Would the light blind your crew because it is at eye-level? LED lighting that can be remotely positioned can address these needs. Remote Controlled Lights Solve the Problem Remote controlled LED lighting that is mounted on your wrecker can be posi- tioned and re-positioned independently from your truck or boom. It also can deliv- er a greater amount of light because mul- tiple lamps can be focused on the area. Light towers such as the Night Scan HDT from Will-Burt can provide intense light- ing from high above the scene, providing better coverage that does not blind your crew or oncoming traffic. Latta Null has several Night Scan HDT light towers in his wrecker fleet, and he states, "Night Scan HDT helps us do our job much more safe- ly. It lights the entire scene, and it also is easily seen by oncoming drivers that are often distracted." Latta went on to say, "The Night Scan light tower is flexible enough to allow us to deal with the many variables we encounter during a night-time recovery. We also are able to make more money by charging for each use of the tower." Recovery scene lighting has come a long way in a very short time. Most of these lighting tools can be retrofitted to your existing fleet. Make sure that you are using the latest lighting technology so you and your crews are safe, efficient, and making money regardless of the situation. u Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 41

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