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learn absolutely every detail about how to cleanup and dispose of these chemicals and debris properly. The whole idea of this process is not to make more work or even to charge more for it; it is to keep the world we live in and the people who live here safe from the bi-products that could harm or even eventually kill us. One very good example of the com- b ined efforts is the Monteagle Wrecker Service, in Monteagle Tennessee. Owner and operator, Rodney Kilgore, has been in the wrecker business for over 16 years and, until now, never imagined that he would also have to pick up on some new skills directly related to his business. Mr. Kilgore, this past year, took three of his employees with him through one of Mr. Beaty's classes to learn the "ins and outs" of how, when, and where to use Hazmat cleanup skills. Now Mr. Kilgore and his Montealge Wrecker crews are ready to tackle even the worst situation involving hazardous materials with knowledge and know-how. Monteagle Wrecker Service, like so many other towing companies out there, has learned that Hazmat cleanup does not begin when the recovery is over, but it starts from the moment you arrive on the scene. Containment, cleanup, and disposal are all very important parts of the recovery process and should all be han- dled with close attention to ensure safety at all times. For more about these classes and availability, you can contact Perry Beaty with Hazmat Responders Network at: 1-(877)-356-9767. u Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 49 Haz a ill co ai

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