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Kim and Dave Barton, owners and operators of Dave's Towing Service, Inc. in Stockton, California, have been in the heavy towing and recovery business for over 35 years. They represent what it means to succeed and live the "American Dream," having started in 1981 with a loan to purchase a 1979 International with a Holmes wrecker body and a shop space lease. Dave went out on all the service calls while Kim managed the busi- ness 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for years until they could afford to bring on additional help. Fast forward to today, and you find that their roles are still the same. They have built a very successful and thriving "family" business founded on hard work and a rock-solid reputation. Dave's Towing has 4 long-time employ- ees, 2 office dogs and a fleet of 4 trucks consisting of a 2007 Peterbilt with a Century 1060 S Rotator, 2012 Peterbilt with a Vulcan V 70, 2014 Peterbilt with a Vulcan V 100, and a 2014 Peterbilt with a 2017 Landoll. Dave has always had a knack for being 50 Tow Professional | Volume 6 • Issue 1 | able to develop and build out ideas that that will solve a problem or fix an issue. So when one of his drivers was injured having had a driveline fall on his hand, Dave began to think about developing a way to secure a driveline that would be both safer for towing operators and safer for the driveline while in tow. Dave real- ized that up until this point, the industry methods for securing a driveline consist- ed of using bailing wire, rope, chain or ratchets and that these methods allowed the potential for costly mistakes such as losing a driveline and/or the potential for serious injury to tow operators. He began sketching out solutions to the problem until after a few months, there was a con- cept worthy of building. Dave pieced together the first Driveline Buddy at his shop in Stockton, CA. As with any good inventor, Dave tinkered and redeveloped the Driveline Buddy every time that he thought of a way to make it better. This includes many late-night ideas that had him driving into the shop and working through the morning hours. He found manufacturers that could cut and fabri- cate some of the pieces that are used in today's Driveline Buddy, CA. The impor- tant driving force for Dave and his devel- opment of the Driveline Buddy was to cre- ate a tool that would be accepted by the tow industry as a safer way to secure a Driveline. In May of 2016, Kim and Dave loaded up 25 Driveline Buddies and headed out to the American Towman Show Place Tow show in Las Vegas to present their newly created product. They were thrilled to be met with high praise from industry professionals as well as product manufac- turers and nearly sold out of all their inventory. Three months later, Kim and Dave won a new invention to benefit the tow industry competition at the Tow Expo in Dallas/Ft. Worth called Tow Tank. Since then, they have been to several more tow shows across the US and have sold nearly 200 Driveline Buddies. The response and feedback from tow profes- sionals that are using the Driveline Buddy has been overwhelmingly positive. Kim and Dave have maintained relationships with many of the purchasing operators and organizations, and there are common themes in the feedback that they receive: "My guys feel much safer using the Driveline Buddy." "We feel better protect- ed that driveline will not be lost while in tow," and "There is less wear on my driv- ers when they do not have to completely remove a driveline." The Driveline Buddy is the safest and most effective way to secure a driveline. It consists of a spring-loaded suspender bar, cradle, T-hook, bolt wrench, and rope By Steve Denero

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