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information keeps us efficient and builds a strong business reputation. Because of TomTom WEBFLEET and Tow123, I have been able to go from 60 calls on average a day to 100 calls a day, without any increase in office personnel." Marshall also loves that through the integration with the Tow123 towing dis- patch system, he has all the information h e needs available to him presented in one screen. "The integration between TomTom and Tow123 providing two-way communication between dispatch and drivers is what really makes the whole thing work. "Because I can send and receive calls and quickly see where driv- ers are, I went from 55 calls a day to 100- 120 calls a day without any extra office personnel. The integration also allows for quick destination changes via the two way messaging. Other vendors will say, we offer that integration too - just open up a couple of browsers. But in our busi- ness, time is money. We literally may have 20 seconds to take a phone call. So any extra steps we can avoid, helps to keep the business efficient and produc- tive." TomTom WEBFLEET also helps Marshall monitor the overall "health" of his fleet. "Using TomTom WEBFLEET and OptiDrive 360, I can track key information from fuel consumption, to detailed driving behavior that goes beyond location, harsh b raking, harsh steering, idling, engine diagnostic alerts, separate idling from standstill, to monitor a guy's gear shifting, and to see if he's maintaining a constant speed or coasting. These factors all impact vehicle maintenance and can con- tribute to fuel consumption (or savings)." TomTom WEBFLEET also monitors the "green speed" of vehicles within the Adkison fleet, comparing actual engine performance to the manufacturer's sug- gested output. "That type of data that gives a towing operator like me much more visibility about is happening with my vehicles outside of the cab," says Marshall. Within the cab Marshall uses TomTom WEBFLEET's OptiDrive 360, which pro- vides his drivers with direct feedback dur- ing and after a trip to encourage responsi- ble and safe driving behaviors. "It's work- ing great and is standard in our vehicles. It allows our drivers to focus on the job at hand, and there's no dispute. If the sys- tem detects harsh braking, or over-idling i t is there to remind the driver right away. We don't feel like we're having to hang over their shoulder all the time acting like the bad guy." For Marshall, TomTom WEBFLEET provides such rich information he literally feels as if he's right there in the cab, rid- ing along with the driver. "Knowing where your trucks are gets you about a quarter of the way there," says Marshall. "As a business owner, I want to really manage my fleet in detail and TomTom goes above and beyond in that regard. I know how trucks are operat- ing, whether they are on time, and if they are meeting objectives for the day. We 54 Tow Professional | Volume 6 • Issue 1 |

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