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can see when the PTO (Power Take Off) has been place in opera- tion showing a vehicle is being loaded or unloaded, which keeps our drivers hon- est at all times. I can also use color coding, s o if two out of my 16 trucks are a bit slow, I know where I need to provide more coaching to my drivers." He also points out that he can readily access this information from his iPhone. "I can be anywhere in the world, and know where my drivers are and what's going on with my business." The historical information gathered within TomTom WEBFLEET also helps Marshall defend his business and his driv- ers' repu- tation. If the business receives a compliant about a driver, he can quickly validate speeding, locations, and operations of equipment on the truck. "We had an event where a white tow truck was driving erratic and speeding when we were call, and the complaint was being investigated through the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). We were able to prove we had no trucks in the area during that time. The ability to defend our business and drivers with accurate informa- t ion logged in TomTom WEBFEET alone was worth the invest- ment in the fleet tracking solution. "With TomTom WEBFLEET, I have finally found a system that helps my busi- ness be as productive as possible. Every day is different for us. But having more complete visibility allows my office and I to adapt more easily in order to hit our efficiency goals." u Volume 6 • Issue 1 | | Tow Professional 55

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